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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Handling Errors in ABL Requests to OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Debugging ABL applications that call Web services : Using ProSOAPView : Tracking messages in the SOAPSpy window
Tracking messages in the SOAPSpy window
Once tracking begins, the SOAPSpy window shows a list of calls (Web service operation invocations) on the left and a tab viewer on the right showing message content (see Figure 19).
Each call in the list is identified by its URI, the time of the call, and an icon that identifies the type of call, as shown here.
When you select a call in the list, its message content appears in the tab viewer. You can view different message content for a call by selecting a tab in the viewer. The HTTP Request and HTTP Response tabs show the raw content of every call. The SOAP Request and SOAP Response tabs allow you to manipulate individual SOAP messages, including WSDL requests.
For example, this is the content of a SOAP request message in the SOAP Request tab.
If you want to remove a call from the call list, select the call and choose Remove Call, either in the Call menu or in the context menu that pops up on the call.