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Web Services
Introduction : Overview of SOAP Web services in OpenEdge : Standards supported by OpenEdge SOAP Web services : SOAP : SOAP message document structure
SOAP message document structure
SOAP messages have a common XML document structure that consists of the following ordered elements:
*The envelope is a mandatory element containing the optional header element and mandatory body element. It defines all the namespaces used in the document. Namespaces are identifiers that provide a way to define XML elements without name conflicts.
*The header is an optional element containing application-specific information, such as context and standard attributes that describe the operation.
*The body is a mandatory element containing data (for a request or response) or error information (for a fault).
SOAP is a standard defined by the W3C. OpenEdge supports SOAP Versions 1.1 and 1.2. For more information on these SOAP versions, visit the following Web site: