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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Testing and Debugging OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Setting error information levels

Setting error information levels

To make it easier to diagnose errors, you can control the amount of information provided for the following sources of Web service error information:
*WSA log file
*Web service SOAP fault response messages
*AdminService log file
*AppServer log file
*NameServer log file
For information on managing logging for the AdminService, NameServer, and in general for all OpenEdge servers managed by the Unified Explorer Framework, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration. For more information on managing logging for an AppServer, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration. The following sections describe how to control logging and SOAP fault information output for the WSA and Web services.
* WSA and Web service logging level properties
* Logging information
* Hints for setting the WSA loggingLevel property
* Hints for setting the Web service serviceLoggingLevel property
* Setting the logging level properties