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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Testing and Debugging OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Identifying errors : Errors occurring in Web service application requests : Server-side errors
Server-side errors
A server-side error occurs while the request is being processed by the WSA and the error is not related to the contents of the SOAP request. Examples of server-side errors include:
*Forgetting to enable a specific deployed Web service
*Forgetting to enable client access to Web services for the WSA instance
*Configuring or starting an AppServer incorrectly—this might involve one or more of the following issues:
*Invalid Propath on the AppServer
*Invalid AppService (Application Service name)
*Incompatible AppServer operating mode for the Web service session model
*Missing ABL, or an incorrect version of ABL
*Configuring the Java Servlet Engine (JSE) incorrectly so it does not recognize the WSA
These types of errors result in a SOAP fault response and log file entries.