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Web Services
Introduction : Overview of SOAP Web services in OpenEdge : Sample of consuming a SOAP Web service : Sample application directory structure
Sample application directory structure
After you install the samples, you can find three sample OpenEdge Web services and several related sample client applications written using the Microsoft .NET and Java Axis client platforms. The following figure shows the directory structure as it might appear if you install the samples into the OpenEdge installation directory (C:\Progress\dlc\ in the figure).
Figure 4. OpenEdge Web services sample applications
Thus, the Web service samples include the following:
*AppService — The three Web services, including the ProxyGen project files to generate the Web service definitions. These samples include one Web service that passes a dynamic temp-table.
*Java-Axis — Java Axis client samples, including applications for sample session-free and session-managed Web services, and in several choices of SOAP format. Also included with these samples are sample Java helper classes for managing object IDs and dynamic temp-table schema and data.
*Microsoft — .NET client samples, including a C#.NET application for a session-free Web service and VB.NET application for session-free and session-managed Web services. These samples include the Web-services-tools-supported SOAP format choices that are also supported by .NET.