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Web Services
Preface : Purpose


This manual describes how OpenEdge supports both SOAP and REST Web services. It describes the technology for exposing AppServer™ application services as Web services and how to access them from client applications. It also describes Data Object Services, a type of REST Web services that provide access to OpenEdge data and business logic for mobile and Web apps with support for complex transaction management.
This manual also provides a brief overview of SOAP and REST Web services architecture in OpenEdge. For a complete description of SOAP Web services architecture for the OpenEdge AppServer, including all components and how they work together, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Application and Integration Services.
This manual describes the general procedures and facilities for building OpenEdge Web services, as well as specific client requirements. For additional information on Web service development, deployment, and administration, see the following documentation:
*Web service development:
*OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications
*OpenEdge Development: Open Client Introduction and Programming
*Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge online help, the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Guide
*Web service deployment and administration:
*OpenEdge Application Server: Administrator
*OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer online help
*OpenEdge Development: Messaging and ESB (for deploying and managing OpenEdge Web services for the Sonic ESB using the Sonic ESB Adapter)
Note: For information on development, deployment, and administration of Web services for the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge, see the documentation set for this OpenEdge application server.