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Web Services
Introduction : Overview of REST Web services in OpenEdge : Tools for REST application development and management : OpenEdge Management (OEM) and OpenEdge Explorer (OEE)
OpenEdge Management (OEM) and OpenEdge Explorer (OEE)
If an OpenEdge REST Manager is installed in the Java Servlet Container, you can use OEM/OEE to configure and manage OpenEdge REST applications deployed on a Web server. The tasks you can perform include:
*Defining connections to the OpenEdge REST Manager
*Viewing the status of the OpenEdge REST Manager
*Configuring OpenEdge REST Manager properties
*Viewing a list of deployed OpenEdge REST applications
*Viewing log files
*Viewing runtime statistics
*Setting up monitoring plans and rules
*Deploying OpenEdge REST applications
*Viewing OpenEdge REST application status
*Configuring OpenEdge REST application properties
*Viewing OpenEdge REST application statistics
See OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration for more information about configuring and managing OpenEdge REST applications.