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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : JSON input and output message formats : JSON output (response) messages
JSON output (response) messages
Output messages are JSON objects named "response". This object contains properties that are mapped to ABL parameters defined as OUTPUT, INPUT-OUTPUT, and return-value parameters. The property names are identical to the parameter names that are mapped to the RESPONSE_BODY. The return value is named "_retVal"
All ABL parameters types that are supported by OpenEdge REST applications, and that can be represented as JSON objects are supported. This includes datasets and temp-tables. See the Output parameter mapping for more information about supported ABL parameter types.
The following is an example of an output message:
  {"Param1":"String param",
   "Param3": [{
     "Country": "United Kingdom",
     "Name": "Just Joggers Limited",
     "Address": "Fairwind Trading Est",
     "Address2": "Shoe Lane",
     "City": "Ramsbottom",
     "State": "Sussex",
     "PostalCode": "BL0 9ND",
     "Contact": "George Lacey",
     "Phone": "070 682 2887",
     "SalesRep": "SLS",
     "CreditLimit": 22000.00,
     "Balance": 1222.11,
     "Terms": "Net30",
     "Discount": 20,
     "Comments": "This is a modified record",
     "Fax": "",
     "EmailAddress": ""
    "_retVal":"Some return string"
If there is no return value because you are calling an external procedure or internal procedure and the useReturnValue attribute is set to "FALSE" in the annotation, there will be no _retVal property in the response message. If the parameter is UNKNOWN, it will have a value of null in the message.