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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : REST Applications : Parameter mapping : Input parameter mapping
Input parameter mapping
In OpenEdge REST applications, input parameters of a procedure or user-defined function are mapped to elements of an HTTP request.
HTTP requests can contain the following elements:
*Request line, including an HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.), URI, query information, and protocol version
*Request headers, including host, cookies, and media types
*Request body
Since the request line and request headers of an HTTP request are text, mapping each request element to an input parameter is equivalent to mapping from text to a target ABL data type. see Supported input parameter mappings for more information.
A JSON request body can be mapped to an input parameter in two ways:
*You can map a JSON request body directly to ProDataSet (DATASET and DATASET-HANDLE) or temp table (TABLE and TABLE-HANDLE) input parameter.
*You can map the JSON request body to a CHARACTER or LONGCHAR input parameter.
In either case, the request body needs to be formatted as described in OpenEdge Development: Working with JSON. Also see JSON input and output message formats.
Runtime errors occur if a mapping is not supported. see Errors and exceptions for more information.