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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Handling SOAP Message Headers in ABL : Defining header handlers : Defining a response header handler
Defining a response header handler
The response header handler receives a SOAP header object as an input parameter. This object references the SOAP header entries returned by the Web service for an operation. You might need to save the entire SOAP header for use in a subsequent request, or you might need to save specific information from one or more individual header entries for validation or some other application purpose. Such requirements dependent entirely on the Web service. However, when your application no longer needs the input header itself, you must delete the SOAP header object explicitly.
Caution: After receiving a response message for which a header handler has been defined, OpenEdge creates a SOAP header object for input to the header handler even if the message contains no SOAP header. Your application must manage the lifetime of this response header object even if it does nothing else except delete the object (typically done in the response header handler). To avoid having to manage SOAP header objects for response messages that do not contain headers, do not define a response header handler for these response messages or unregister any that you have defined. For more information, see Using the SET-CALLBACK-PROCEDURE( ) method.