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Web Services
Introduction : Overview of REST Web services in OpenEdge : Creating OpenEdge REST applications : Creating an AppServer REST service interface
Creating an AppServer REST service interface
An AppServer REST service interface exposes the AppServer procedures, user-defined functions, and class methods that you want to specify as REST resources. You edit ABL code to include the annotations that define the service interface. Then, you generate a Progress Interface Definition Language (.pidl) file, which enables communication between the REST application on a Web server and a procedure on an AppServer.
Note: You may have defined service interfaces and generated .pidl files for other clients (WSA, for example). You should not attempt to reuse those service interface definitions for REST.
The Define Service Interface Wizard in Progress Developer Studio facilitates the process of creating a service interface tailored for REST. Progress Developer Studio also supports the automatic generation of .pidl files whenever a project build occurs. See the Progress Developer Studio online help for more information.
Also see REST annotations in ABL code.