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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Invoking OpenEdge SOAP Web Service Operations from ABL : Managing complex data : Coding options for wrapped document literal
Coding options for wrapped document literal
For Wrapped Doc/Lit operations, ABL allows you to use one or both of two alternate forms for accessing the operation INPUT and OUTPUT parameters using ABL procedures and functions. You can either access them in wrapped form as XML strings containing the complex data for each SOAP message (request and response) or you can access them in unwrapped form as several ABL parameters, in many cases, with simple ABL data types. You can overload these forms. That is, you can use both forms for the same operation in the same client session.
Note: In most cases, you will find the unwrapped form easier to use. Using the wrapped form is supported for backwards compatibility.
* Using the wrapped form
* Using the unwrapped form