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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge REST Web Services : Data Object Services : Coding Business Entities to implement Data Objects

Coding Business Entities to implement Data Objects

Several options and requirements apply to the ABL that you write to implement Data Objects:
*The ABL routines that implement Data Object resource operations have specific coding requirements. The following sections describe these requirements.
*Only a class or procedure object that is coded and running as a singleton can implement a Data Object. The Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge wizards for creating and updating a Business Entity ensure that the object is created for use as a singleton.
OpenEdge also provides an ABL API to send push notifications to hybrid apps running on registered devices. This API consists of the ABL OpenEdge.Mobile.PushNotificationService class and its related classes that run on an OpenEdge application server. For more information on using this server-based push notification service, see the Developer Studio online help Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Online Help.
* Singleton classes and procedures as Data Object resources
* Coding ABL routines to implement a Data Object resource
* Creating an ABL class with the New Business Entity wizard
* Using existing ABL code with the Define Service Interface wizard
* Coding ABL for Data Object operations
* Sample Business Entity with before-image support
* Sample Business Entity without before-image support
* Updates to allow access by Kendo UI DataSources and Rollbase external objects