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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Testing and Debugging OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Identifying errors : Errors occurring in Web service application requests : Client-side errors
Client-side errors
A client-side error occurs before the request is sent or while it is being processed by the WSA.
An example of an error occurring before the request is sent is a mismatch in interface parameters. For these types of errors, the type of client response depends on the client platform.
Examples of errors occurring while the request is being sent (which involve a session-managed AppServer application) include:
*Forgetting to call the connect method first
*Not sending the correct Object ID in the SOAP header
*Web server not running
*Web service URL incorrectly specified (host or port)
*Network down
*Using HTTP instead of HTTPS when required
These types of errors result in a SOAP fault response and log file entries.