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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Invoking OpenEdge SOAP Web Service Operations from ABL : Managing asynchronous requests : Asynchronous request object handle
Asynchronous request object handle
OpenEdge maintains an asynchronous request object for each asynchronous request, which maintains the status of the request, including whether and how it has completed (successfully or unsuccessfully). The handle to this asynchronous request object is available to the mainline program and to the event procedure for an asynchronous Web service request in the same way as for an asynchronous AppServer request. The Web service server object handle maintains its own chain of pending asynchronous request object handles (FIRST-ASYNC-REQUEST and LAST-ASYNC-REQUEST attributes), and the PROCEDURE-NAME attribute on each asynchronous request object handle returns the name of its Web service operation as it returns the name of the remote procedure executed for an asynchronous AppServer request.
The following table shows attributes on the asynchronous object handle that have special meaning for Web services.

Attributes on asynchronous request object handle

Meaning for Web service requests
Returns TRUE within the context of the event procedure when:
*You invoke the RETURN ERROR statement within the context of an associated SOAP response header callback procedure.
*A SOAP fault is returned for the asynchronous Web service request.
Maintains a chain of asynchronous request object handles for all pending asynchronous requests invoked in the same Web service
Returns a handle to the procedure object bound to the Web service port type
Returns the name of the Web service operation invoked asynchronously
Always returns FALSE for an asynchronous Web service request
Returns a handle to the server object for the Web service where the asynchronous request is executed