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Web Services
Creating OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Exposing AppServer Applications as OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Deciding how to expose your application : Session Models and object IDs : Session models
Session models
The following table describes the available session models.
Table 15. Session models
AppServer operating modes
How clients interact with Web service
Session managed
Client maintains a persistent connection to the AppServer, maintaining session context between requests for a single client application. This allows a client to carry out complex transactions that span multiple requests, but often requires extra code management, on the part of the client, for each request.
Session free
Client sends requests without any connection to an AppServer. This allows more clients to simultaneously access the Web service with minimal code management, but each request returns a complete result that has no certain dependency on the results of any previous requests.
For more information on how the AppServer supports session models, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.