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OpenEdge Development: Visual Translator
Getting Started : Using online help
Using online help
The Visual Translator has an extensive help system that provides information about the interface and simple procedures that tell you how to use the tool to perform tasks.
All help information is organized into discrete units called help topics. A help topic typically contains information about one thing, such as a dialog box or a button in a tab folder.
You can access help information in the following ways:
*Press HELP (the F1 key, by default).
*Use the Help menu.
*Click the Help button then click a button or tab folder.
The help system is hypertext based, that is, help topics not only contain information, but they also provide access to related information. Certain words and phrases in a help topic are selectable and serve as links to related information. These special words and phrases are called hypertext links. Help displays hypertext links in color or underlined, depending on your monitor. To access the information associated with a hypertext link, click the hypertext-link word or phrase.
In addition to the help system, interface buttons display ToolTips to assist you with button selection.