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OpenEdge Development: Visual Translator
Translating : Translation considerations
Translation considerations
This section describes the considerations you should keep in mind when translating while using Visual Translator.
If a source phrase contains punctuation, the Visual Translator does not display the glossary suggestion for the source phrase unless the glossary suggestion also contains the same punctuation. For example, if the source phrase is “Files...”, the Visual Translator does not display the “Files” glossary suggestion because the glossary suggestion does not contain ellipses.
Accelerator keys
You should always include accelerator keys as part of your translation. Check with the project manager to determine how you should define accelerator keys in the target language. The project manager might want you to use the same accelerator keys as the source language or might want you to define new mnemonic accelerator keys specifically for the target language.
For Asian target languages, you should provide an additional ASCII character in parentheses as an accelerator key since the 4GL does not support double-byte characters as accelerator keys. For example, (&A) after the translation of an Asian menu item means that &A displays next to the menu item on the interface, and the user can press alt-A to choose the menu item.