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OpenEdge Development: Visual Translator
Tracking Your Work : Printing a statistics report
Printing a statistics report
The statistics report provides you with information on the current project database. The report contains information that helps you keep track of your translations, for example, the name of the project, creation date, date of last update, and the number of procedures.
You can generate a statistics report, or print the report to a text file, from the Statistics tab folder.
To generate or print a statistics report:
1. Choose the Print button or choose FilePrint from the Statistics window. The Statistics Report Print Dialog box appears:
2. Select your print options. If you select the Output To Printer radio-set button, you do not need to enter a filename. The filename defaults to status.txt. If you select the Output to A Text File radio-set button, you must either enter a filename or use the default filename, status.txt.
3. Choose OK. A statistics report prints out that is similar to the one shown below:
Project:GetStart1              03/10/97          Page1
Project Name                               kfrench
Revision 1.0
Create Date 01/10/97
Last Updated 03/06/97
Database Size (in Bytes) 458.8K
Display Type Graphical
Number of Procedures 16
Number of Phrases 164
Number of Unique Phrases 109
Number of Words 347
Number of Unique Words 188
Current Procedure None
Current Object None
Number of Frames 0
Number of Objects 0
% Translated 9%
# Items In Glossary 1063