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OpenEdge Development: Visual Translator
Getting Started : Opening a kit in multi-user mode
Opening a kit in multi-user mode
To work in multi-user mode, you must start a database server for the kit database. It is easiest if the kit database is created on a system and not moved, but it is possible to relocate the kit by zipping it up, moving the zip file, and unzipping it.
See OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for information on starting up a database server. Use the Progress Explorer or issue the proserve command from a DOS prompt. Typically, no startup parameters are necessary except for the database name, -S (service), and -H (host), and these three are mandatory.
To connect to the kit database in multi-user mode:
1. Start Visual Translator and choose FileOpen Multi‑User. The Open Multi‑User Kit Database dialog box appears:
2. Select the name of the kit database that has a server running. Use the Browse button to find the database.
3. In the Host Name box enter the name of the computer hosting the database.
4. In the Service Name box enter the port of the database server.
5. Enter the translator’s User ID if the kit is password protected.
6. Enter the translator’s Password if the kit is password protected.
7. Enter Other CONNECT Statement Parameters as necessary and choose OK.
When you have filled in the appropriate values, proceed as if in single‑user mode.