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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Tutorial : The Data tab folder
The Data tab folder
You are now ready to work in the Data tab section, which is where you prepare text for the translator. In order to prepare text for translation, you must first extract text phrases from the source procedure, filter and load files for translation, and create resource procedures.
Extracting text phrases
The Data tab folder provides the functionality for extracting phrases.
To extract text phrases for translation:
1. In the Data tab folder, choose Extract. The Extract dialog box appears with the p-sports2k.xrf file highlighted:
2. Choose Extract Phrases from All Procedures and choose OK.
Translation Manager extracts phrases from source procedures by compiling the source procedures and copying the text phrases into a temporary .xrf file. All text phrases except null strings and strings marked with :U (untranslatable) are extracted. An Information box appears telling you the name of the file that contains the extracted strings:
3. Choose OK.
Specifying filters
You are now ready to specify which filters to use. Filters allow you to load only those text phrases you want to translate.
To specify filters:
1. In the Data tab folder, choose Filters. The Filter Wizard appears:
2. Choose Next on pages 1–8 to accept the default filters.
3. On page 9, select to include “If-Then” statements:
4. Choose Next on pages 10–13. The Filter Wizard Summary dialog box appears:
5. Choose Apply.
You have defined your filters and can now load the text phrases into the project database.
Loading text phrases
Translation Manager passes the text phrases in the .xrf file through the types of filters defined with the Filter Wizard and then loads the text phrases into the project database.
To load text phrases:
1. Choose Load. The Load dialog box with the p-sports2k.xrf file in the Load Options box appears:
2. Choose OK. An Information box appears reporting the number of phrases that were extracted and loaded. Choose OK:
You can now view the text phrases that were loaded into the project database.
Creating resource procedures
Now you are ready to create resource procedures that Translation Manager uses to translate text phrases.
To create resource procedures:
1. Choose Resources. The Resources dialog box appears:
2. Type C:\Sports2000\progress.ini in the Files box.
3. Check the following boxes:
*Environment File
*Use Image Files
4. Choose OK. An information box with a report on the resource procedures created appears:
You have created the resource procedures that the Translation Manager uses to translate text phrases in the context of the user interface.