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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Updating a Project : Scanning for changed source files
Scanning for changed source files
When the software developers in your company update the application that is being translated, you should check the source procedures listed in the project database for changes. The developers might have deleted, added, or otherwise changed source procedures. When you use the File Scan option, the Translation Manager compares the list of source procedures in the project database against the statistics of the source procedures in the source code directory, then marks (internally in the Translation Manager) any changed procedures in your list of source procedures.
You can then extract text phrases, create resource procedures for only the changed files, and avoid repeating the extraction process for the majority of the procedures.
Note: The File Scan option scans the broad file characteristics of files, such as last-modified date and file size. It does not compare the actual contents of files.
You can specify the following options for the Translation Manager to use when it scans files:
*Include Any New Procedure — If a procedure exists in the directory but is not on your list, the Translation Manager adds it to your list and marks it as changed.
*Update Procedures With a More Recent Date — If a developer modifies a procedure and alters its contents, the Translation Manager marks it on the list as changed. Later, during the extraction process, the Translation Manager tool extracts and loads only those marked procedures.
*Update Procedures With a File Size Change — If the size of a file is different than it was when you added the filename to the source procedure list, the Translation Manager marks it on the list as changed.
*Remove Any Procedure No Longer Found — If the Translation Manager cannot find a source procedure in the directory, it removes the procedure name from the list.
To update the list of source procedures by scanning for changed files:
1. From the Procedures folder, choose Scan. The File Scan dialog box appears:
2. Select the options you want to scan for, then choose OK.
You can now extract the text phrases for the marked procedures, filter them, and load them into the project database. You can then re-create the kits and send them to the translators for translation.