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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Adding Glossaries : Exporting a glossary
Exporting a glossary
You can export a project glossary to a text file to use in another project. When you export a glossary, the Translation Manager saves it as a space-delimited data (.d) file.
Note: When you export a glossary you created in the Translation Manager, the resulting data file consists of data that is in the -cpstream code page (converted from the -cpinternal code page).
To export a glossary:
1. Choose the Glossaries tab to open the Glossaries tab folder.
2. Choose the Export button or choose FileExport. The Save As dialog box appears:
3. Specify the directory where you want to store the file.
4. Type the name of the file with a .d extension.
5. Save the file as a dump file type, then choose OK.