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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Getting Started : Creating and storing environment (.ini) files
Creating and storing environment (.ini) files
OpenEdge supports the use of the Windows registry or an existing environment (.ini) file to store configuration data. The registry is the default. You must decide which of the following is the most appropriate for you and your translators and specify one or the other:
*Use an existing environment (.ini) file if you already have specific .ini files for specific languages. For example, you might have a german.ini for the German translator and a russian.ini for the Russian translator. You can send these custom .ini files to the appropriate translators.
*Use the Windows registry. You specify that the Windows registry creates a .ini file for Visual Translator that you send with the kit to your translators.
For information on specifying one of these methods, seeChapter 5, “Preparing Data for Translation,” for more information. For more information on .ini files, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration and OpenEdge Development: Internationalizing Applications.