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OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager
Tutorial : Creating a new Translation Manager project
Creating a new Translation Manager project
Before you can start translating, you need to define your /translation Manager project.
To prepare a new project for translation:
1. Click on the Start button and choose ProgramsProgressTranslation Manager. The Translation Manager window appears:
2. Choose FileDatabase Connections and connect to the Sports2000 database.
3. Choose FileNew to create a new project. The New Project dialog box appears:
4. Type p-sports2k in the Name field.
5. Type sample for translation in the Description field.
6. Type C:\Sports2000\project in the Project field.
7. Select C:Sports2000\src from the Source Code list.
8. Choose OK.
You have created a new sample Translation Manager project called p-sports2k.
Note: There are five tabs along the bottom of the Translation Manager window. You work from left to right from the Procedures tab to the Statistics tab. Within each tab you work from top to bottom with the buttons on the right of the window.