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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : XML-SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING attribute


(WebSpeed Only)
Specifies whether to suppress namespace processing.
Data type: LOGICAL
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: WEB-CONTEXT system handle
Almost identical to the SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING attribute of the X-document handle. For more information on SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING, see the reference entry for the SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING attribute.


In WebSpeed, the first time you access the X-document handle or any of its attributes, either directly or indirectly, you trigger a load of the document, which precedes your access. For example, if you set the SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING attribute of X-document (of WEB-CONTEXT) before accessing X-document (of WEB-CONTEXT) or any of its attributes, when the document arrives, WebSpeed first loads the document, then sets SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING to your value. So at load time, SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING might not be set to your value, which might cause document validation to fail.
By contrast, if you set XML-SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING instead of SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING, when the document arrives, WebSpeed assigns the value of XML-SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING to SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING before doing anything else. Even if this triggers a load of the document, SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING already contains your value, so WebSpeed is able to validate your document.


In WebSpeed, instead of accessing SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING of X-document (of WEB-CONTEXT), access XML-SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING (of WEB-CONTEXT). For example, if you want a WebSpeed application to turn namespace processing off (perhaps in response to a Web request), instead of having the application assign FALSE to SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING of X-document (of WEB-CONTEXT) have the application assign FALSE to XML-SUPPRESS-NAMESPACE-PROCESSING (of WEB-CONTEXT).
For more information on accessing XML documents using the SAX and X-document interfaces, see OpenEdge® Development: Working with XML.