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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : VALID-OBJECT function


Verifies that an object reference points to a valid ABL or .NET class-based object instance or an ABL handle-based object. If the object reference represents an object that is currently valid, the function returns TRUE. If the object reference is no longer valid (for example, it was garbage collected or explicitly deleted), the function returns FALSE.


VALID-OBJECT ( { handle|object-reference } )
A handle to an ABL handle-based object. The handle argument must be a variable of type HANDLE and must contain a valid handle. When used with a handle-based object, VALID-OBJECT works in the same way as the VALID-HANDLE function.
An object reference defined for an ABL or .NET object type. For more information, see the Class-based object reference reference entry.

See also

DELETE OBJECT statement, VALID-HANDLE function