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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : UNIQUE-ID attribute

UNIQUE-ID attribute

A value, with one noted exception, that is guaranteed unique for a given handle object type within an ABL session.
Data type: INTEGER
Access: Read-only
Applies to: Buffer object handle, Buffer-field object handle, Procedure object handle, ProDataSet object handle, Query object handle, SAX-attributes object handle, SAX-reader object handle, SOAP-header object handle, SOAP-header-entryref object handle, SOURCE-PROCEDURE system handle, TARGET-PROCEDURE system handle, Temp-table object handle, THIS-PROCEDURE system handle, X-document object handle, X-noderef object handle
So, for example, the value of this attribute for a temp-table handle and a ProDataSet handle can be the same. However, the handles for no two temp-tables share this value.
The exception is the X-noderef object handle. The UNIQUE-ID attribute for an x-noderef handle is only unique within a given XML document.
Note: The value of the HANDLE attribute is guaranteed to be unique among the HANDLE attributes for all object instances in an ABL session.