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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : TYPE-OF function

TYPE-OF function

Verifies that the class instance to which the specified object reference points is an instance of the specified object type, inherits from the specified super class, or implements the specified interface. If the object reference points to an instance of the specified type, the function returns TRUE. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.


TYPE-OF ( object-reference , object-type-name ).
An object reference to a class instance.
Specifies the type name of a class, a super class, or an interface that might be defined, inherited from, or implemented (respectively) by the object referenced by object-reference. If object-type-name specifies an interface that is inherited by an interface that the class instance implements, then the inherited interface is also implemented by the class instance specified by the object-type-name. Specify the object type name using the syntax described in the Type-name syntax reference entry. With an appropriate USING statement, you can also specify an unqualified class or interface name alone.

See also

Type-name syntax, USING statement