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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute


Returns a character string containing a comma-separated list of all startup parameters you defined at startup for the current ABL session.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Read-only
Applies to: SESSION system handle
This list includes startup parameters defined in the ABL default startup parameter file ($DLC/ or the file specified by the $PROSTARTUP environment variable, as well as startup parameters you specify on the command line or within a parameter file (.pf). The value of this attribute does not change during run time.
The startup parameter values in this list reflect initial parameter value settings. The value of a startup parameter during an ABL session can be different from its initial value setting. Some startup parameters have an equivalent session attribute you can use in ABL code to override the parameter value during a session. If you override a parameter value using an equivalent session attribute, the new value is not reflected in the list of startup parameters returned in this attribute.
If you defined any startup parameters in the default parameter file (, or another parameter file specified by the Parameter File (-pf) startup parameter, the list includes the -pf filename parameter and all parameters defined in that parameter file, followed by (end .pf). For example:
-pf,-db sports2000,-H pclsmith,-S 5000,(end .pf)
A parameter file appears in the list whether or not it contains startup parameters. If a parameter file does not contain startup parameters, it appears in the list in the following format:
-pf filename,(end .pf)
The default parameter file ( always appears in the list. The AVM expands the filename of only the default parameter file. All other filenames appear in the list as specified.
Individual startup parameters, defined within a parameter file or on the command line, appear in the list in the following format:
If the startup parameter has no value, the list contains the startup parameter followed by a comma. No space appears before or after a comma, and no comma appears at the end of the list.
If the list of startup parameters includes duplicates, the last occurrence takes precedence and all other instances are ignored (even though they appear in the list).
If the list of startup parameters includes the Password (-P) or Proxy Password (-proxyPassword) parameters, the AVM substitutes six asterisks in place of the password value.
If the list of startup parameters contains a hyphen with no parameter name, the hyphen is ignored.
You can use the ENTRY function to parse the list of startup parameters. If you use the ENTRY function with the default delimiter (comma), the function separates the parameter entries wherever a comma appears. If a comma appears in the list as part of a parameter value, the function might not parse the list correctly. A comma separating two startup parameters, as opposed to being part of a parameter value, is always followed by "-" or "(end .pf)". Based on this convention, you can examine the character(s) after a comma to determine whether the comma is separating two startup parameters or is part of a parameter value.
If you started your ABL session with the Statistics (-y), Statistics with CTRL+C (-yc), or Segment Statistics (-yd) startup parameter, you can use the SHOW-STATS statement to see the value of the STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute. This statement includes the value of this attribute in the output to the client.mon file.
The following table shows examples of original command lines and their equivalent STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute values.
Table 108. STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute usage examples
Original command
Value of the STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute
prowin32 -db sports2000 -T c:\temp
-H pclsmith -S 5000
Where contains no startup parameters
-pf c:\dlc\,(end .pf),-db sports2000,-T c:\temp,-H pclsmith,-S 5000
prowin32 -T c:\temp
Where contains:
-db sports2000
-H pclsmith
-S 5000
-pf c:\dlc\,-db sports2000,-H pclsmith,-S 5000,(end .pf),-T c:\temp
prowin32 -pf -T c:\temp
Where contains no startup parameters and contains:
-db sports2000
-H pclsmith
-S 5000
-pf c:\dlc\,(end .pf),-pf,-db sports2000,-H pclsmith,-S 5000,(end .pf),-T c:\temp
prowin32 - -T d:\work100a -db mystore -1 -db corporate -H corpmachine -S 5000
Where contains:
-T c:\temp
-pf c:\dlc\,-T c:\temp,(end .pf),-T d:\work100a,-db mystore,-1,-db corporate,-H corpmachine,-S 5000
prowin32 -U lsmith -P mypassword
Where PROSTARTUP=c:\commonarea\ and c:\commonarea\ contains:
-db sports2000
-H pclsmith
-S 5000
-pf c:\commonarea\,-db sports2000,-H pclsmith,-S 5000,(end .pf),-U lsmith,-P ******