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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : SCHEMA-PATH attribute

SCHEMA-PATH attribute

A delimiter-separated list of directory paths used to locate the XML Document Type Definition (DTD) associated with a particular XML document. It is searched if the XML document contains a relative path to the DTD.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Readable/Writable
Applies to: SAX-reader object handle, X-document object handle
The default is the Unknown value (?).
To separate directory paths, use a comma, or a delimiter character that your operating system recognizes.
To separate directory names and filenames within a path, use the UNIX format (forward slashes) or the standard format for your operating system.
SCHEMA-PATH can include HTTP URLs, but they might slow your application since accessing a DTD over the Web might take significantly longer than doing so over a file network.
SCHEMA-PATH cannot contain ABL procedure libraries (.pl files).
File pathnames cannot contain embedded commas. The AVM replaces delimiter characters with commas, so the resulting SCHEMA-PATH can be accessed using the ENTRY function.
Pathnames can contain Unicode characters. See OpenEdge Development: Internationalizing Applications for more information about Unicode.
Note: When the AVM searches for the DTD, the AVM concatenates each entry in SCHEMA-PATH with SYSTEM-ID (an attribute in DOM and a parameter of the ResolveEntity callback in SAX), which indicates the system ID of the external DTD. SYSTEM-ID might be as simple as a filename or as complex as a relative path.
For more information on accessing XML documents using the Document Object Model (DOM) or Simple API for XML (SAX) interfaces, see OpenEdge® Development: Working with XML.