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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute


Specifies the amount of schema information to marshal for a temp-table parameter. The temp-table may be an independent temp-table or a member of a ProDataSet object. The default value is FULL (which includes all schema information for the temp-table parameter).
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: Temp-table object handle
The following table lists the SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute values.
Table 105. SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute values
Attribute value
Includes all schema information for a temp-table parameter
Minimizes schema information for a temp-table parameter
Excludes schema information for a temp-table parameter
If set to the Unknown value (?), the default value is FULL.
Note: If you specify both the SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute and the MIN-SCHEMA-MARSHAL or NO-SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute for an individual temp-table, the AVM uses the attribute you most recently specified. The MIN-SCHEMA-MARSHAL and NO-SCHEMA-MARSHAL attributes are supported only for backward compatibility. Use the SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute instead.
Setting this attribute overrides the setting of the Temp-table Schema Marshal (-ttmarshal) startup parameter for an individual temp-table parameter. For more information about this startup parameter, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.

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