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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : RETURN-VALUE function


Provides a character string value returned by the most recently executed RETURN statement of a local or remote procedure, trigger block, user-defined function, method of a class, class constructor, or property accessor.




For examples of the RETURN-VALUE function, see the RETURN statement reference entry.


*The returned value has the CHARACTER data type.
*When you access RETURN-VALUE, its value represents the value returned by the most recently executed RETURN or THROW:
*If it is a RETURN with options that can set the RETURN-VALUE, but does not, the empty string ("") is returned.
*If it is a THROW that returns a Progress.Lang.AppError object, the value of the object's ReturnValue property is returned.
*To reliably access a RETURN-VALUE setting returned from a block or called routine, check RETURN-VALUE as soon as you can after the block or called routine terminates.
*RETURN-VALUE does not return the value of a non-VOID method of a class or user-defined function invocation. You return the values of these methods and functions within an expression where you reference their invocations, similar to referencing a variable value.
*For more information on returning results from remote procedures, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.

See also

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