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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : RETRY function

RETRY function

Returns a TRUE value if the current block is being reprocessed after a previous UNDO, RETRY.




This procedure bypasses the display of the Customer data when the REPEAT block is retried (if user changes the Customer data and does not specify a country). When you run this procedure, notice that even though the procedure has undone any data that you entered (if you did not specify a country), the data still appears in the window. The data is saved in the screen buffers, but it is not stored in the Customer record buffer. If you do not use the RETRY function, the AVM reprocesses the DISPLAY statement and displays the previous values for the Customer fields, overwriting the data that was entered in error.
  PROMPT-FOR Customer.CustNum.
  FIND Customer USING Customer.CustNum.

    DISPLAY Customer.Name Customer.Address Customer.City Customer.State
    DISPLAY Customer.Country.

  SET Customer.Name Customer.Address Customer.City Customer.State
  IF Customer.Country = "" THEN UNDO, RETRY.


*Using the RETRY function in a block turns off the default error processing, which result in no infinite loop protection for the block.
*For more information on retry processing, see OpenEdge Getting Started: ABL Essentials.

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