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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : QUERY-OFF-END function

QUERY-OFF-END function

Returns a LOGICAL value indicating whether the specified query is positioned at the end of its result list (either before the first record or after the last record).


QUERY-OFF-END ( query-name )
A character expression that evaluates to the name of a currently open query. If query-name does not resolve to the name of a query, or if the query is not open, then the function returns the Unknown value (?).
Note: Searching for a query using a handle is more efficient than a character expression. The AVM resolves a character expression at run time by searching in the current routine for a static query with that name. If not found, the AVM searches the enclosing main procedure. If still not found, the AVM searches up through the calling programs of the current routine, and their main procedures. Since a handle uniquely identifies a query, no such search is required. Use the query object handle's QUERY-OFF-END attribute to avoid a run-time search.


The following example uses the QUERY-OFF-END function to determine when to leave the REPEAT loop:
OPEN QUERY cust-query FOR EACH Customer.

  GET NEXT cust-query.
  IF QUERY-OFF-END("cust-query") THEN LEAVE.
  DISPLAY Customer.CustNum Customer.Name.
When you run this procedure, all Customer numbers and names are displayed. After the last record is displayed, the loop iterates and the GET NEXT statement reads beyond the last record. At this point QUERY-OFF-END returns TRUE and the AVM exits the loop.


To test whether a GET statement read beyond the last (or first) record, you can use the AVAILABLE function with the buffer name. You can also use the QUERY-OFF-END function, which serves the same purpose, but does not require a specific buffer; it requires only a query name.

See also

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