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ABL Reference
Class, Interface, and Enumeration Reference : Progress.Windows.FormProxy class

Progress.Windows.FormProxy class

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
A .NET form wrapper for an ABL window. ABL provides a Progress.Windows.FormProxy instance for each ABL window that you create in an ABL session where a .NET form is referenced.
Note: When mixing ABL windows and .NET forms in a single application, you can access all windows and forms on a single form chain using the same form-based properties and attributes.




This class contains a protected constructor; you cannot instantiate it directly.

Super Class

System.Object class (from the .NET Framework)


Progress.Windows.IForm interface

Public Properties

Public Methods

This class does not contain methods (beyond those it inherits from its base class).

Public Events

This class does not contain events (beyond those it inherits from its base class).


*This class allows you to manage ABL windows along with .NET forms in an ABL session. It allows ABL windows to participate in the session form chain (starting with SESSION:FIRST-FORM and ending with SESSION:LAST-FORM) and to be referenced by form-oriented ABL elements such as the ACTIVE-FORM system reference. However, all program interaction with ABL windows must still be accomplished using ABL window attributes, methods, and events on the window handle (specified by the ProWinHandle property). For information on using ABL windows along with .NET forms in your application, see OpenEdge Development: GUI for .NET Programming.
*ABL does not create an instance of this class for the ABL default window, as the default window is typically not used in a GUI application.
*ABL handles all creation and destruction for instances of this class. Therefore, instances of this class never appear on the session object chain, and their NEXT-SIBLING property and PREV-SIBLING property (inherited from the Progress.Lang.Object class) are always set to the Unknown value (?).
*For information on the public class members inherited from the System.Object class, refer to the .NET Framework class library.

See also

ACTIVE-FORM system reference, FIRST-FORM attribute, LAST-FORM attribute