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ABL Reference
Class, Interface, and Enumeration Reference : Progress.Lang.ProError class

Progress.Lang.ProError class

Progress.Lang.ProError is the ultimate super class for all ABL built-in and user-defined classes that represent errors in the ABL structured error handling model. You cannot directly inherit from this class. Instead, the immediate subclasses of this class represent the two major types of classes in ABL:
*Progress.Lang.SysError represents any error generated by the AVM.
*Progress.Lang.AppError represents any error your application defines.
Progress.Lang.ProError inherits from Progress.Lang.Object and therefore inherits all the common methods and properties needed for managing user-defined objects in ABL. It also implements the Progress.Lang.Error interface which provides all the properties and methods needed to interface with the ABL structured error handling model.
Specifically, this class provides the functionality to retrieve error messages, error numbers, and the contents of the error call stack.




The class constructors are reserved for system use only.

Super Class

Progress.Lang.Object class


Progress.Lang.Error interface

Public Properties

Public Methods

Public Events

This class does not contain events.


Like any other class-based object that is no longer referenced, the AVM automatically deletes both Progress.Lang.SysError objects and Progress.Lang.AppError objects using garbage collection.

See also

CATCH statement, Progress.Lang.AppError class, Progress.Lang.Error interface, Progress.Lang.SysError class