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ABL Reference
Class, Interface, and Enumeration Reference : Progress.IO.JsonSerializer class

Progress.IO.JsonSerializer class

Progress.IO.JsonSerializer provides functionality to serialize and deserialize ABL class-based objects in JSON format. The serialization and deserialization are performed in conjunction with classes that inherit from Progress.IO.InputStream and Progress.IO.OutputStream. Progress.IO.JsonSerializer formats the data, and the stream classes determine where the data comes from and goes to. For example, Progress.IO.FilleInputStream and Progress.IO.FileOutputStream are used for serialization to and deserialization from a file.




PUBLIC JsonSerializer ( INPUT formatted AS LOGICAL )
When formatted is TRUE, the JSON string is formatted in a hierarchical manner using white space, carriage returns, and line feeds.

Super Class

Progress.Lang.Object class


This class does not implement interfaces.


This class does not define properties.

Public Methods

Public Events

This class does not contain events.


*See the entry for the Serialize( ) method for more information about which class members are serialized.

See also

Progress.IO.FileInputStream class, Progress.IO.FileOutputStream class, Progress.IO.InputStream class, Progress.IO.OutputStream class