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ABL Reference
Class, Interface, and Enumeration Reference : Progress.BPM.Filter.TaskProcessTemplateFilter class

Progress.BPM.Filter.TaskProcessTemplateFilter class

Provides a way to test whether the ProcessTemplateName property of a Progress.BPM.Task object matches a given character expression. The value is passed to the class's constructor; the comparison occurs when the Is( ) method is called on the Progress.BPM.Filter.TaskProcessTemplateFilter object.
This class implements the Progress.BPM.Filter.ITaskFilter interface.The class can be extended.




PUBLIC TaskProcessTemplateFilter( INPUT ComparisonValue AS CHAR)
A CHARACTER expression that will be compared to the ProcessTemplateName property of the Progress.BPM.Task object that is passed to the Is( ) method of the class, to determine whether the Task satisfies the filter.

Protected Properties

Public Methods