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ABL Reference
Class Events Reference : PositionChanged event

PositionChanged event

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)
The .NET event published when the value of the Position property (which specifies the position of the current row in the bound .NET control) changes, based either on some user action in the .NET control or a programmatic action. For example:
*The user clicks on a different row in a control.
*The user clicks on a Next button and the event handler for the button increments the Position property value.
Note: When you click on a child row, the Position property is set to the position of the corresponding top-level parent row.
Return type: VOID
Access: PUBLIC
Applies to: Progress.Data.BindingSource class
Delegate: System.EventHandler


The delegate for this event defines the following event handler signature:
     INPUT sender AS CLASS System.Object,
     INPUT args AS CLASS System.EventArgs
The name of the event handler.
Object reference to the BindingSource object instance that published the event.
Object reference to a .NET System.EventArgs object instance containing arguments for the event. For information on the public class members inherited from the System.EventArgs class, refer to the .NET Framework class library.
Whenever the value of the Position property changes, the BindingSource object automatically synchronizes the buffer in the bound ABL data source object to correspond to the selected row in the bound .NET control.
Note: Generally, you should change the Position property, rather than navigating or repositioning the query associated with the bound ABL data source object. For more information about synchronizing data, see OpenEdge Development: GUI for .NET Programming.

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