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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : PDBNAME function

PDBNAME function

Returns the physical name of a currently connected database.


PDBNAME ( integer-expression|logical-name|alias )
If the parameter supplied to PDBNAME is an integer expression, and there are, for example, three currently connected databases, then PDBNAME(1), PDBNAME(2), and PDBNAME(3) return their physical names. Also, continuing the same example of three connected databases, PDBNAME(4), PDBNAME(5), etc., return the Unknown value (?).
logical-name | alias
This form of the PDBNAME function requires a quoted character string or a character expression as a parameter. If the parameter is the logical name of a connected database or an alias of a connected database, then the physical name is returned. Otherwise, it returns the Unknown value (?).


This procedure finds the physical name of the database that currently has the DICTDB alias:
MESSAGE "The current DICTDB is" PDBNAME("DICTDB") + ".db".


The old DBNAME function has been retained for compatibility and is equivalent to PDBNAME(1).

See also

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