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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : ORDINAL attribute

ORDINAL attribute

Specifies the number of the entry point (the nth routine) of the Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) to invoke.
Data type: INTEGER
Access: Readable/Writable
Applies to: Call object handle
Using the call object handle, there are two alternate methods for invoking a DLL routine—either by specifying the routine's name with the CALL-NAME attribute or by specifying the routine's position in the DLL with the ORDINAL attribute. You can specify an ORDINAL value or a CALL-NAME value, but not both. Specifying an ORDINAL value and setting CALL-NAME at the same time causes the AVM to raise error at run time.
The AVM raises error at run time if the ORDINAL entry point does not match any routine in a given DLL.
For UNIX shared library routines, this option does not apply and is ignored.

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