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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : MTIME function

MTIME function

Returns an INTEGER value representing the time in milliseconds. If the MTIME function has no arguments, it returns the current number of milliseconds since midnight (similar to TIME, which returns seconds since midnight).


MTIME ( [datetime-expression] )
An expression that evaluates to a DATETIME or DATETIME-TZ. The MTIME function returns the time portion of datetime-expression in milliseconds.
If datetime-expression is a DATETIME-TZ, the MTIME function returns the local time relative to the time zone of the DATETIME-TZ value. For Example, a DATETIME-TZ field, fdt, is created in London (time zone UTC+00:00) with a value of May 5, 2002 at 7:15:03.002 am. MTIME(fdt) returns 26,103,002, regardless of the session's time zone.
The MTIME function gets the current system time of the client or server machine that serves as the time source for applications running during the ABL session (specified by the TIME-SOURCE attribute).

See also

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