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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : MODULO operator

MODULO operator

Determines the remainder after division.


expression MODULO base
An integer expression. If the expression could result in a decimal value, then that value will be rounded before the MODULO operation occurs. This may or may not produce a result that is sensible for your business logic. For code readability, such an expression should be explicitly converted to an integer expression with attention to whether or not a rounded or truncated integer is correct for your application. See the INTEGER, ROUND, and TRUNCATE functions
A positive integer expression that is the modulo base. For example, angles measured in degrees use a base of 360 for modulo arithmetic. 372 MODULO 360 is 12.


This procedure determines the number of trucks required to ship a given quantity of material, and how much material is left over from a less than full truck load:
SET qty-avail AS INTEGER LABEL "Qty. Avail.".
SET std-cap AS INTEGER LABEL "Std. Truck Capacity".
DISPLAY TRUNCATE(qty-avail / std-cap,0) FORMAT ">,>>9" LABEL "# Full Loads"
qty-avail MODULO std-cap LABEL "Qty. Left".


The expression must be greater than 0 for MODULO to return a correct value.

See also

INTEGER function, ROUND function, TRUNCATE function