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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : MERGE-CHANGES( ) method


Merges the changed rows of all temp-tables or a single temp-table in a source ProDataSet object loaded with the GET-CHANGES( ) method into the corresponding rows of all temp-tables or a single temp-table (respectively) in the original (target) ProDataSet object.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: Buffer object handle, ProDataSet object handle (of the source object)
The syntax to invoke this method follows:


change-handle:MERGE-CHANGES ( original-handle[ , copy-all-mode ] )
A handle to the source ProDataSet object or to the buffer object of the source ProDataSet temp-table that contains the changed rows.
A handle to the original (target) ProDataSet object or the buffer object of a single target ProDataSet temp-table to merge with the changed rows from the source object.
An optional logical expression, where TRUE indicates that the AVM merges all rows of the source after-image table.
When TRUE, the AVM merges all after-image table rows whether or not they contain changes. In this case, the temp-table in the original ProDataSet object must have a unique primary index that the AVM can use to find each corresponding row from the after-image table (since unchanged rows do not have a corresponding row in the before-image table). When a corresponding row is not found in the original ProDataSet object, the AVM creates a new row using the row from the after-image table. When FALSE, the AVM merges only after-image table rows that contain changes. The default value is FALSE.
For a ProDataSet object handle, all modified tables in the ProDataSet object are merged. For a Buffer object handle, only the temp-table associated with that buffer is merged.
If the ERROR attribute or REJECTED attribute for a changed table is TRUE, the MERGE-CHANGES( ) method backs out the changes. Otherwise, this method accepts the changes by copying the after-image table rows to the corresponding after-image table rows in the original ProDataSet temp-table. The AVM also sets the BEFORE-ROWID attribute of the row in the after-image table to the Unknown value (?), sets the ROW-STATE of the row in the after-image table to ROW-UNMODIFIED (0), and removes the before-image table row (if it has one).