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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : LOCK-REGISTRATION( ) method


Prevents the registration of additional domains in the ABL session domain registry for the remainder of an ABL session. You must call this method to use the domains you have registered in the session domain registry using the REGISTER-DOMAIN( ) method.
Note: This method is not supported for any session domain registry with which you intend to authenticate or validate (through single sign-on) user identity for a multi-tenant database connection.
Return type: LOGICAL
Applies to: SECURITY-POLICY system handle


You must call this method before you can use a session domain registry built using the REGISTER-DOMAIN( ) method to authenticate or validate (through a single sign-on operation) the user identity represented by a client-principal object in the ABL session.
If you do not register at least one domain in the session domain registry before calling this method, this method returns TRUE. However, any attempt to seal a client-principal object raises a run-time error.
If successful, this method returns TRUE. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.
Note: Once you call this method in a session, you can no longer call the REGISTER-DOMAIN( ) method or the LOAD-DOMAINS( ) method. Until you call this method, you can continue to build the session registry using calls to the REGISTER-DOMAIN( ) method or reload the registry from the specified database multiple times in an ABL session using calls to LOAD-DOMAINS( ).

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