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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : KBLABEL function

KBLABEL function

Returns the keyboard label (such as F1) of the key that performs a specified ABL function (such as GO).
Note: Does not apply to SpeedScript programming.


KBLABEL ( key-function )
An expression whose value is the name of the special ABL key function. See OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces for possible values of key-name. If key-function is a constant, enclose it in quotation marks (""). See the same chapter for a list of key functions and the corresponding standard keyboard keys.


The r-kblabl.p procedure allows the user to update some of the fields in each of the customer records, and displays a message in the status message area at the bottom of the window:
STATUS INPUT "Enter data, then press " + KBLABEL("GO").
FOR EACH Customer:
UPDATE Customer.CustNum Customer.Name Customer.Address Customer.City


If you reassign a new function key for the key function with the ON statement, the KBLABEL function returns the new key.