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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : Handle-based references

Handle-based references

You must access all handle attributes and methods with reference to a handle-based object or its handle using this general syntax:


handle-based-reference : attribute-or-method-access
  [ IN container-widget-name ]
The handle-based-reference must conform to the following syntax:
{ object-name-reference | handle-reference }
An object-name-reference is a name reference to a static handle-based object, such as the defined name of a frame or window, or of another static handle-based object, such as a temp-table or buffer. For more information, see Object name references. A handle-reference can be a handle value that references any handle-based object (static or dynamic), or it can be a system handle. For more information, see Handle references.
The attribute-or-method-access identifies a given attribute or method associated with the specified handle-based-reference.
The container-widget-name is a name reference to a static container widget for the static widget referenced by object-name-reference. You need it only if the static widget reference is ambiguous.
For more information on attribute-or-method-access and how to access:
*Attributes, see Handle attribute access
*Methods, see Handle method calls
The following sections provide more information on the object-name-reference and handle-reference options.
* Object name references
* Handle references