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ABL Reference
ABL Syntax Reference : GO-PENDING function

GO-PENDING function

Returns a TRUE value if, within an EDITING phrase, an APPLY statement results in a GO action. The GO action is deferred until the end of the EDITING phrase.
This function is supported only for backward compatibility.
Note: Does not apply to SpeedScript programming.




The r-gopend.p procedure lets you update some of the fields in each customer record. If you press GO when the value in the current balance field is greater than the balance in the credit-limit field, the UPDATE statement does not end. Instead, it continues prompting you for input until you correct the problem and then press GO.
  PROMPT-FOR Customer.CustNum.
  FIND Customer USING Customer.CustNum.
    Customer.Name Customer.Address Customer.City Customer.State SKIP
    Customer.CreditLimit Customer.Balance WITH 1 COLUMN EDITING:
    IF GO-PENDING AND INPUT Customer.Balance >
      INPUT Customer.CreditLimit THEN DO:
      MESSAGE "The current unpaid balance exceeds the credit limit.".
  END. /* EDITING */

See also

APPLY statement, EDITING phrase