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ABL Reference
Handle Attributes and Methods Reference : GET-SERIALIZED( ) method


Returns a LONGCHAR that contains the serialized form of the XML underlying the SOAP-header-entryref or SOAP fault entry. (The SOAP-header object contains a list of entries that each point to an exiting SOAP-header-entryref object. It is the SOAP-header-entryref object that the method serializes.)
Return type: LONGCHAR
Applies to: SOAP-fault-detail object handle, SOAP-header-entryref object handle


Contents of the returned LONGCHAR are equivalent to taking the X-noderef returned by the GET-NODE( ) method and serializing the data. The caller of this method is responsible for managing the lifetime of the LONGCHAR. Changes made to the contents of the LONGCHAR will NOT be reflected in the original header entry unless it is passed as the parameter in the SET-SERIALIZED( ) method.
Returns the Unknown value (?) if the SOAP-header-entryref object handle has been initialized but does not refer to a header entry (for example, immediately after the CREATE SOAP-HEADER-ENTRYREF statement).